Respecting & empowering Agents

We understand and respect the importance of Agents, and that’s why we aim to facilitate their role through digital transformation.


Full Transparency

Get notified whenever your Athlete has a match! No one can contact your Athlete without your knowledge and you’re included in every step.

Athlete Portfolios

Easily share your Athletes digital profile, including their playing history, stats, highlight videos and more with prospective teams.


If your Athlete has been matched to a Team, you will be notified and will get to conduct all of the contract negotiations as normal.

Taking sport to the 21st century.

Do you use Excel to keep track of all your Athletes data? Do you have more tools than a hardware store to help you manage things?

Contact us today to find out how PlayWize can help transform your work, and in turn, your life!

PlayWize For Agents

While we are busy making our Agent platform, we have still included Agents in our first version of PlayWize. Why? Because we understand the importance of Agents and or parents in the sporting industry.

We are working on furthering our Agent involvement and we need your help. If you’re a sporting agent who would like to join our BETA Testing Program, click below to enter your details.

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