Post opportunities & connect with athletes on Marketplace!

 Teams can post opportunities, such as playing contracts, sponsorships and scholarships while helping athletes secure an opportunity! 


How Does The Marketplace Work?

Athletes, Federations, Unions, Leagues, Teams & Brands can join the PlayWize Marketplace to connect and communicate with athletes directly.


Teams create a digital profile for free!



 Post opportunities into Marketplace



Search for Athletes who match their criteria



Connect with athletes globally



You’re a MATCH! Get matched successfully.

Marketplace Mobile

Simple scouting, around the globe

Browse and search for athletes in the marketplace. Teams can post opportunities, track applications, select and contact their favourite athlete to propose a match! Our method allows all athletes to be seen and heard.

Efficient Scouting, AI Matching & Seamless Athlete Connections


Marketplace Dashboard

Marketplace dashboard provides visual data by age, region, gender, eligibility, positions and more

Browse Athletes

Marketplace Browse Athletes

Browse athletes with in-built filters, view profiles, share & communicate seamlessly via marketplace

Post Opportunities

Marketplace Post Opportunities

Post playing, sponsorship or brand opportunities in the marketplace specific to your requirements

Track Applications

Marketplace Receive Applications

Receive, shortlist and track applications. Negotiate deals and contracts on PlayWize marketplace

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I browse and apply for job opportunities in the sports industry on the platform?

Yes, our platform may feature job listings and opportunities in the sports industry, allowing you to browse and apply for relevant positions.

Is there a limit on the number of photos or videos I can upload to my profile?

While we may have certain storage limits in place, we strive to provide sufficient capacity for you to upload and showcase your photos and videos on your profile.

Can I search for athletes or teams based on specific skill levels or experience?

Absolutely! Our platform provides search filters that allow you to find athletes or teams based on skill levels, experience, or specific criteria you’re looking for.

Are there any limits on the number of athletes or teams I can connect with?

There are no limits on the number of athletes or teams you can connect with on our platform. You can expand your network as much as you like.

Can I search for athletes or teams based on specific locations or regions?

Absolutely! Our platform provides location-based search functionality, enabling you to find athletes or teams in specific areas or regions.

Can I connect my existing social media accounts to my profile?

Yes, you can add your existing social media accounts to your profile.

How can I find sponsorship opportunities on the platform?

Our platform may feature sponsorship opportunities from various brands and organizations. Keep an eye on the sponsorship section or subscribe to relevant notifications.

Can I share videos or media content on the platform?

Yes, you can upload and share videos, photos, and other media content on your profile.

Can I share my achievements and accolades on my profile?

Yes, you can showcase your achievements and accolades on your profile. This helps others get a better understanding of your skills and accomplishments.

How can I communicate with other athletes or teams on the platform?

PlayWIze will provide various communication tools within the platform, such as direct messaging enabling seamless interaction with other users.

Can I create a profile for both an Athlete and a Team?

Yes, you can create profiles for both athletes and teams on PlayWize. Athletes use a Mobile App for all Mobile devices while Teams, Agents, Scouts, Unions, Leagues, Federations, and Brands connect via the PlayWize Web App for desktop environments.

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