PlayWize is proud to announce their official partnership with UXI Sport. The South African-based sporting academy hosts over 182 young athletes. Working across 6 Provincial Institutes, UXi sport offers high-performance rugby development programs in conjunction with academic qualifications as well as mental and life skills coaching. 

UXi strives to empower athletes to be holistically grounded with both sporting and educational opportunities, ensuring employ-ability and the chance to see the world whilst doing something they love.

Their three-year structured program presented by highly skilled Rugby Union approved coaches and sports scientists, ensure development in every area of high-performance sport, including aptitude, attitude, and skills.

Using PlayWize, Athletes can create a profile and search their global sporting marketplace and UXi can showcase their talent to the world, enhancing the ability to find sporting, educational, or brand opportunities.  

“We believe each Athlete, whether they are professional or not, should get the most out of their time playing any sport,” said Gary Boddington, CEO of PlayWize. “South Africa, and UXi, has such an immense pool of talent, and with PlayWize, this talent can be seen all over the world.”

PlayWize, which is launching on May 3rd for Rugby Union has already received interest from world-class teams and athletes. 

You can join PlayWize today by clicking here and registering your interest.