(Vancouver, 8 February 2022) 

Do you want to know how PlayWize can help you? Whether you are an athlete or a team, take a look at the five ways listed below that PlayWize can assist!

1. Be better on and off the field

At PlayWize we believe it’s important to play smart both on and off the field. Whether you’re a professional or non-professional, with or without an Agent. Athletes can create a profile for free and join our marketplace, increasing their digital exposure. Athletes can search and apply for opportunities from all over the world.

2. Talent scouting in every corner of the globe

Teams of all levels from all over the world are constantly looking for new talent. However, teams don’t often have direct access to talented athletes or interested brands. With PlayWize we bring the talent to you. Teams can create a profile for free and put sporting and educational opportunities into the marketplace, where athletes can easily apply.

3. Respecting the role of the agent

Unlike other platforms, we understand the importance of sporting agents and parents, and that’s why we aim to facilitate their role through digital information. Agents and parents can be included every step of the way, helping Athletes play smarter, not harder. Athletes can add their agent to their profile, so the agent is never left out.

4. Greater visibility for teams and athletes

In this day and age Athletes don’t get to apply for positions, they don’t have control of their data, and they can’t see what’s happening in the industry. With PlayWize Athletes can create a profile for free – uploading their highlights, stats, playing history, agent details and more. They can then search the PlayWize marketplace for opportunities from all over the world, and apply. It’s transparent recruitment for all!

5. Brand benefits for all

Is your brand a crowd favourite in the sporting industry? Does your brand require influencer marketing? We give brands access to the best in the business. Brands can market directly to authentic sporting talent and top-level teams, and all players get access to brand benefits.

Need more of a reason to register with PlayWize? We didn’t think so. Take a look at our socials and other blog posts for more exciting updates as to how this platform puts the Athlete first.