Becoming a professional rugby player in North America can be a challenging journey. Unlike other parts of the world, rugby is not as popular in North America, which means there are fewer opportunities for players to showcase their skills and make a career out of the sport. Here are some of the challenges that aspiring professional rugby players may face in North America.

1. Limited Professional Opportunities

Unlike countries like England, France, New Zealand, and South Africa where rugby is a popular sport, there are very few professional rugby teams in North America. This means that the number of spots available for players to fill is limited, making competition fierce.

2. Lack of Funding

Rugby in North America does not have the same level of financial support as other sports like football, basketball, and baseball. This means that there are fewer resources available for aspiring rugby players to develop their skills and reach their full potential.

3. Limited Exposure

Rugby is not widely covered in the mainstream media in North America, which means that it is difficult for players to gain exposure and build a following. This lack of exposure can make it difficult for players to attract the attention of professional teams and scouts.

4. Geographic Challenges

The rugby landscape in North America is spread out across the continent making it difficult for players to consistently compete at a high level. This can make it challenging for players to gain the experience and exposure they need to develop their skills and progress to the professional level.


Despite these challenges, there are still opportunities for dedicated and talented rugby players to make a career out of the sport in North America. Players who are passionate about the game and willing to put in the hard work and dedication needed to succeed may find that the challenges they face only make their journey to becoming professional rugby players all the more rewarding.

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