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iSportLearn & the Sports Business Basics eBook
By Lloyd NJ | | 0 Comments |
(Vancouver, 20 December 2021)  iSportLearn is for anyone who wants
PlayWize Announce Partnership With The Sharks
By Lauren Ryan | | 0 Comments |
(Vancouver, 16 November 2021)  South African Rugby powerhouse, The Sharks,
How Blockchain Is Impacting the Sports Industry
By Lauren Ryan | |
Blockchain technology is being integrated into business processes accross many industries, but only recently have blockchain companies started to bring this disruptive technology to the sports industry. We spoke with Dr Chris Rowell, Blockchain Expert and our Strategic Blockchain Advisor, about the potential this technology has to change the sporting industry as we know it.
Premier Rugby Sevens Partners With PlayWize
By Lauren Ryan | |
Athletes from around the world can now apply for the PR7’s opportunities by joining PlayWize and creating their athlete profile for free.
Meet Frederich de Koker – PlayWize’s First Match
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Talk to anyone who has launched a new product and